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If you are an advisor (attorney, insurance agent, or financial planner, or CPA/EA/accountant), trying to determine if you should be helping your senior clients with Medicaid planning, you’ve come to the right place. was created to help advisors understand how critical it is to help senior clients with proper Medicaid planning.

What is Medicaid planning?  It’s using existing laws to help clients reposition their assets to shield them from both Medicaid spenddown and recovery rules.

Most clients and their advisors have no idea that, in order for most single seniors to receive financial assistance through Medicaid, they have to spend down all of their “countable” assets to $2,000. In most states, this includes CDs, money market accounts, stock and bond portfolios, annuities, IRAs/401(k)s/403(b)s, and many other assets.

What holds most advisors back from helping clients with Medicaid planning?

1) Education and 2) Quality Support/Mentoring offers both in an unmatched manner!

1) Education—advisors of all kinds can be educated on compliant Medicaid planning by taking the Medicaid Planning Course (click here to learn more). This course is the ONLY thorough course of its kind in the industry and is taught by Mike Anthony, JD, the author of the most comprehensive book ever written on this subject matter, The Medicaid Planning Guidebook (click here to learn more).

To learn about the 18 one-hour recorded educational sessions put on by attorney Mike Anthony, please click here.

2) Quality Support/Mentoring—most advisors are afraid to help clients with Medicaid planning (even if they know the subject matter) because they do not have the support of an expert who really knows the subject matter. Attorney Anthony not only educates advisors, but he is also available to help advisors with case design and overall mentoring. Click here to learn more about the unique support Mike Anthony provides. was also created to help advisors market themselves as Medicaid planners.  Helping clients with Medicaid planning is one of the best ways to grow your legal, insurance, financial planning, or accounting business. Medicaid planning is extremely motivational for clients who, if they do not take your advice, will simply be handing over their money to nursing homes instead of preserving some portion of it for their heirs.

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