I decided to post this video for viewing on www.MedicaidPlanning.org in hopes that many advisors who click on this link will stay to learn more about this vitally important topic. Since there are over 7,000 people turning 65 every day in our country and since many of them are candidates for help with Medicaid planning, I figure most advisors should learn something about this subject matter (which you can do by surfing around this site).

As promised, the following is an asset protection video I created for clients of the advisors I work with to view. Since asset protection is not a product pushing topic and since it deals with the most important topic to many clients, their money, I love this topic as a tool to start relationships with new affluent clients.

You can nearly guarantee that every affluent client you run into isn’t asset protected and therefore, the door is open to those who know this subject matter to start a conversation about why the potential client should learn how to protect his/her assets from “all” creditors.

If you want to learn asset protection in a formal setting, go to www.thewpi.org to learn about the CWPP and CAPP courses.

Roccy DeFrancesco