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May 25, 2024

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The #1 educational book on Medicaid planning ever printed!

If you are giving advice to client age 60 and older you MUST have this book. Some Guidebook highlights:

458 pages

A stunning 1,358 citations

practical application section to teach readers the nuances of Medicaid planning

Nine example scenarios with detailed analysis of what should be done to best prepare the clients to qualify for Medicaid.

The book has many examples, charts, figures, etc.; but the nine comprehensive examples at the end of the manual are really helpful when teaching readers how to apply what they’ve read and learned in the Guidebook.

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Updated Medicaid Course

The next best thing to in-person training is online training you can watch and listen to at your convenience.  Some like it better because there’s no travel involved and you can watch courses again and again until you learn the subject matter completely, or revisit topics as they become relevant in cases you’re working on.

The cost to view the online webinars is $350.  The course instructor charges more than that for just an hour of his time.  You get a full 18-hours of practical examples and valuable planning techniques from one of the nation’s leading experts!

To attend a course like this in-person would cost you thousands of dollars in travel time and expense, as well as course registration fees.  To order this course so you can start learning the important long-term care Medicaid Planning subject matter, please click the buy button on this page.

Medicaid Guidebook & Course


Buy the book and get the free 2017 updated Desk Reference

The next best thing to in person training is webinar training (some like it better because it avoids the cost to travel and each webinar can be viewed over and over until you learn the subject matter inside and out).

As you may already know, Medicaid planning is one of the most important and overlooked topic by attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, and CPAs.

There are millions of Americans who are in need of “proper” Medicaid planning today. The number of people who will need help preserving their assets from Medicaid spenddown and recovery is increasing daily (there are 7,000 people turning 65 every day in this country).