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One of the best ways to learn this important subject matter is to view our 18 one-hour sessions taught by Medicaid Planning expert Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™ (author of The Medicaid Planning Guidebook).

To order access to these recorded sessions for $250, click here.

The sessions will cover:

SESSION 1: Introduction to Medicaid Planning

SESSION 2: Medicaid Program Overview

SESSION 3: Medicaid Eligibility Planning

SESSION 4: General Asset-Eligibility Rules

SESSION 5: Community Spouse Asset Rules

SESSION 6: Asset-Eligibility Strategies (PART I1)

SESSION 7: Asset-Eligibility Strategies (PART II)

SESSION 8: Divestments (Part I)

SESSION 9: Divestments (Part II)

SESSION 10: Trusts

SESSION 11: Annuities and Promissory Notes (Part I)

SESSION 12: Annuities and Promissory Notes (Part II)

SESSION 13: Income Eligibility

SESSION 14: Special Concerns for the Homestead and Family Farm

SESSION 15: Applying for Medicaid

SESSION 16: Post-Eligibility Issues, Advocacy Opportunities and Veteran’s Benefits

SESSION 17: Estate Recovery

SESSION 18: Practical Examples