We can provide special training services for your group or company:

Live Online Training

Does your firm or company need an update on recent changes in Medicaid Planning?

Want a live training opportunity without the cost of travel?

We can coordinate an interactive web conference for groups of 5 or more people. Our sessions can be tailored to the issues you want including:

In-Person Training

Prefer to do your training in person?

For in-person training for groups of 15 or more, we can provide an in-house training program that is customized to meet your needs. These can often be coordinated with in-person marketing events or public speaking engagements.

Additionally, we occasionally do live in-person intensive training programs around the country. To get notified when a training session is coming to your area, email team@mediciadplanning.org.

Training Topics

We can provide training on a number of different topics and for varied length and duration.

  • Intensive training program with feedback.
  • Case study program, with real-life practical examples.
  • Specific-issue training on financial and legal Medicaid Planning issues such as How to Write a Medicaid Safe Harbor Annuity or How to Successfully File an Estate Recovery Hardship Waiver

To have a specialized training program designed for you or your firm, email team@medicaidplanning.org.