Vermont uses the life expectancy tables published by the Office of the Actuary of the Social Security Administration, here.


According to the Vermont Department for Children and Families Medicaid Rules, section M232.4 entitled Annuities, Promissory Notes, and Similar Resources that Produce Income:

1. Annuities that can not be cashed are not a countable resource if they:

a. Have no beneficiary other than an individual requesting Medicaid or his or her spouse; and
b. Provide for payments to applicants or their spouses in equal intervals and equal amounts; and
c. Do not exceed the life expectancy of the applicants or their spouses, as determined by the department; and
d. Return to the beneficiary at least the amount used to establish the contract and any additional payments plus any earnings, as specified in the contract; and
e. Do not pay anyone other than the applicant, the applicant’s spouse, even if the applicant or spouse dies before the payment period ends.

2. The department will also consider an annuity to meet the requirements of subsections (a) and (e) above, if the owner of the annuity elects to designate Vermont Medicaid as the primary beneficiary up to the amount of long-term care payments it made, and names a contingent beneficiary other than the applicant or spouse to receive any surplus after Vermont Medicaid is paid.

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Vermont Desk Reference

Divestment Penalty Divisor $279.98 Per Day $8,399.28 Per Month
Individual Resource Allowance $2,000.00
Monthly Personal Needs Allowance $47.66
Community Spouse Resource Allowance $119,220.00
Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance $2,003.00
Maximum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance $2,980.50
Shelter Standard $601.00
Standard Utility Allowance $787.00 (eff. 10/1/15)
Resource Allowance for a Couple (Husband and Wife both reside in a facility) $3,000.00
Last Updated July 1, 2016